3 Questions That Will Help You Create Better Content

3 Questions that will help you create better content.

As a content creator, I get to hear from business owners who think they’ve tried everything possible when they are creating content for their businesses from blog posts, podcasting, email marketing, Facebook Live, Instastories, YouTube. They have tried everything you can possibly think of.

But… (there is always a but) they haven’t seen the results they were expecting or projected. And that’s when things go bad… they start to think content marketing just doesn’t work. .

I asked them one simple question, what were you planning on doing with that content? They just couldn’t answer me.  That is when I learned that there was no planning or strategy behind their content.

That’s like giving someone an apple and expect them to get orange juice out of it…

There are three basic questions that I ask my clients and myself every time I create content or help them create their content.

The answers to those questions help me generate the best strategy possible to help them get the results they want, and I want to share them with you.

#1: What do you want to get?

So basically, you have to determine what’s the plan.

The answer to this question straight up helps me determine what will be the first step. 

But guess what… Most of the times clients don’t know what their goals are.

I remember the one of the first times I asked this question to one of my clients.

He told me that he wanted to keep posting of social media so his followers know he is there and to create brand recognition. It was great I told myself, “this guy has it all figured out”.

As our conversation progressed he told me that he wanted to open an Online Store in the next six months…

And my answer was: “Too Easy”.

Now we are not just going to create Brand Recognition content. Now we are going to generate leads, get some emails on your list and start nurturing your followers so they can start throwing money at you  as soon as that Online Store opens.

You see how the content goals changed?  

His goal was to create an online store. And he didn’t know his current content wasn’t attracting leads the way he needed them.

I am not going to deny it, it can be hard to find the right content strategy to support your business goals. But once you have a clear idea of how you want your content to help your business, it’s just a matter of time, you will get the results.

#2: How will you know it is working?

I am going to get a little bit personal now.

This is a true story. One time I tweeted something that in a couple of minutes with only 35 followers on Twitter, got over 1,500 impressions. I was so happy about it, but then the next day I thought those 1,500+ impressions weren’t important because I still had 35 followers.

What I am trying to say is, we have to focus on the right insights. Focusing on the wrong numbers will make it more difficult for you to achieve your goals.

I will give you another example:

Let’s say, that you are selling an online course. You create an amazing video that is getting a lot of views and likes very fast but… your followers are not clicking on the link on the video description. It’s more than obvious that the content of the video looks nice, but it’s not relevant for your users.

In this case instead of looking that the engagement success that the video is showing, you should be looking at the CTR (click-through-rate) of the link and then at how many users have registered for the course.

If the goal of this campaign was to get a high engagement, then if was successful. But, if the goal was to get more registered users for the course then there is a bit more work to do.

I see this happening all the time.

If they’re focusing on something, it’s likes, comments and shares.

But the reality is that most of the times those numbers don’t even have a single thing to their content goals. Those are just numbers that makes them feel good.

You may have seen this for yourself when a post got a lot of likes or comments, but you didn’t see a corresponding uptick in leads or sales.

And this my friends, is the #1 reason people get discouraged when dealing with content marketing. They just don’t know how to measure their results, they look at the numbers that are looking good and not the numbers that actually matter.

Once you set your goals, take a minute to figure out what metrics will indicate that you are walking forward… or backward.

#3 How are you going to get there?

This is when we start having fun.

This is the part where the actual content strategy gets develop with the sole purpose of achieving the established goal.

Remember the most important part of Content Marketing is the goal. A strategy without a goal is just NOT GOING TO WORK.

Every strategy is very different:

  • If the goal is to build up their list in order to sell something in a few weeks, my suggestions are going to be different than if they want to sell something in a few months.
  • When they want to get people on a phone call, my suggestions are going to be different than if they want to get people on a webinar.
  • If they’re selling high-end consulting services or a $50,000 mastermind, my suggestions are going to be different than for the person selling a $59 drip email course.


Let’s put it this way. Content marketing is like a friendship. There are lots of pivotal moments in a friendship, but you don’t get invited if you’re not part of the conversation.

You have to offer the right kind of content, on the right channel and at the right time. Otherwise, you’re not going to be part of the conversation and you won’t get invited to the party.

There are so many business out there that their only topic of conversation is about selling. It’s a huge waste of time, energy, and resources.

The problem isn’t that these businesses don’t have a goal; almost every business owner you talk to will tell you that their goal is to make more sales. The problem they are facing isn’t that we don’t have strategies, we are swimming in a sea of strategies to try, we have new platforms to be on every now and then, and every time you blink there is a new trend to follow.

The problem is that they’re not aligning the content they’re producing and the strategy they’re following with the goal.

But once you create the perfect content formula, you will have content that has a great impact on your business.


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